Easy to use Web Interface

Hospital Management System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use platform.

The system has multiple user access control for all system modules.

Hospital Managment System enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work.


• Patient Information System

• Room & Bed Management System

• Interactive User Access Accounts

• Items & Services

• Charges & Transactions

• Multi-Language

• Multi-Currency

• Multi-Number Format

• Multi-User

• Multi-Department

• Consultants

• Patient File Upload

• Content Management System

• Billing

Patient History
Regular Updates
Mobile Friendly Interface

Ultimate solutions for

Useful for all kind of::

Hospital Services

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Diagnostic Center

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Nursing Home

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Features Provided

Why to choose us

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Why to choose us

We can enhance your business at standard levels by tranforming the site to many languages as per your request.

User can change language on their preference.

We are here to provide patients medical history online, whenever user wants to see their medical history, they can just click on History..

And the user can also check medical history with the reference number provided.

This whole process is calling out for a complete audit-proof of patient medical records archived that can be seamlessly integrated into the hospital's information system.

Such that the data can be saved every day into the Hospital Admin DataBase.

Patient Medical Prescription Can be given in online through a reference number or directly to the patient account.

It includes full details of medicines taken by the patient. This also helpful to patient for seeing Prescription.

Payment made by particular patient can be seen in patient data form.

Authorities can get clear idea on how much patients were paying and their count.

Authorities can monitor users by getting activity report of every user of their site.

User activity describes what actions performed by users in their site ( an account holder).

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We are Proud To Say, We have

10 Hospitals
15 Diagnostic Centers
10k+ Patients Online
100 + Clinics

Interested In your Own System?


With All Modules


Per Month

  • Patients Panel
  • Doctor's Panel.
  • Nurse Panel.
  • Phamrcist & Pathalogis Panel.
  • Account & Administration.


Only Diagnostic Center Module


Per Month

  • Patients Panel
  • Diagnostic Center Panel.
  • Reports
  • Invoices/Payments.
  • Account & Administration.

Clinic Center

Only Doctor's Module


Per Month

  • Patients Panel
  • Doctor's Panel.
  • Accounts & Administration.
  • Reports.
  • Invoices

Mobile App

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  • Android Application
  • Patients Login
  • Hospital Login
  • Appintments
  • Reports
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